Rual Photography

Rural photography appeals to me because it captures daily life and interaction between human beings and nature; and in Indonesia a life in harmony with nature remains a common but fading lifestyle across the archipelago.

Taufik Sudjatnika

Taufik Sudjatnika is a civil servant whose hobbies go hand in hand: travelling and photography. He has a special appreciation for the simple things in life and admires Indonesian rural life through his camera lens.

In Cilangkap village in Bogor, an old man herds his emaciated cow to a nearby field to graze. It was quite a misty morning, but the sun shone with golden rays from the side. The strong side-lighting made the resulting photograph appear warm when in reality it was quite a brisk morning. ISO 400, f3.5 1/640.

masterclass-027Catch Him // Villages start the day very early, which is good for photographers as there is something magical about early morning light. Get up bright and early to catch a glimpse into the busy morning activities of a rural community. This village at the edge of a river in Bogor made for a great subject because there was just so much going on. In this photo, with soft morning light, I captured a few kids chasing a duck. ISO 320, f3.2 1/800.

masterclass-horse028Horse Power // A horseman rides alongside a jeep near majestic Mt Bromo. I captured this moment as the horse and jeep began to pick up speed, creating a thick cloud of dust made dramatic by lighting from the side. I used an opening of f5.6 to accentuate the texture of the large dust cloud, and set the ISO to 160 with a speed of 1/800 to maintain focus on the quickly moving subjects.

maserclass-029“Patience and luck will always be two important factors in any form of photography”

Yeaaaahhh! // Patience and luck will always be two important factors in any form of photography. I snapped this shot just as the child caught the fish and gave a cheer as he reeled it in one morning in Munjul village in Bogor. The lighting at the time was not very strong, but there was great side-lighting shining through. To capture the movement of reeling the fish in, I increased the speed. ISO 400, f3.2 1/400.


My Bird // Every morning Mr Parman takes his turtle dove to enjoy the morning light and listen to its melodic song. I took this photo with the light coming from directly behind him. The billowing smoke in the frame gave the shot a touch of drama. The rim light hit just right to emphasise the texture of the smoke, the man and his bird. ISO 400, f3.5 1/400.

maserclass-029-2Breakfast // Village children learn about responsibility at an early age. Feeding the sheep in the morning is Asep’s daily responsibility in Legok village near Bandung in West Java. I captured this photo using the strobist technique, with successive separate flashes to compensate for the overcast conditions that morning. ISO 100, f2.8 1/200.


Harvest sun  // This shot was taken in a paddy field in Cipageran village, Cimahi, West Java, during morning harvest. I took this photo at an angle such that the light catches the grains of rice as they fly from their shoots. The camera was set at f3.5 with a speed of 1/800 to capture the flying grains under ISO 400. The colourful traditional textiles worn by the harvester, together with the golden rice shoots, provide a bright contrast to the dark background.


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