Rich Reds

Garuda May2015 HR_Page_061_Image_0002Cartier

Reine Makéda necklace in platinum. Oval-shaped ruby (15.29cts), round rose-cut diamond (3.51cts), pear-shaped rose-cut diamond (5.10cts), cabochon-cut and faceted ruby beads, pear-shaped rose-cut diamonds, calibrated diamonds, brilliant-cut diamonds.

Garuda May2015 HR_Page_061_Image_0006Bogh Art

Ruby and diamond ring.

pic styleBapalal Keshavlal

Ruby earrings with pearshaped and round diamonds.

Garuda May2015 HR_Page_061_Image_0007Lydia Courteille

Scarlet Empress Collection ring in rubellite, rubies and red rhodium-covered gold.

Garuda May2015 HR_Page_061_Image_0001Orlov London

Ruby and diamond bracelet set with 74 white diamonds (32.39cts), 28 Burmese rubies (29.91cts) and a central oval pigeon blood ruby from Mozambique (12.06cts).


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