Racism in football ‘hurts’ efforts to bring in ethnic minority players – Riz Rehman

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By Simon Stone
BBC Sport
Events will’hurt’ efforts to attract more players and coaches from ethnic minorities at grassroots level, says one of their game figures that are Asian.
36, riz Rehman, is the brother of Zeshto play all four divisions of the pyramid that is English.
Riz has been appointed chairman of the Surrey FA’s Inclusion Advisory Group.
He will outline pathways to coaches and aspiring players in a bid to increase diversity countywide.
He acknowledges the task won’t be made easier by the kind of internet racism experienced by Marcus Rashford, Tammy Abraham and Paul Pogba amongst other people over the last few weeks, and the fighter sounds led at Romelu Lukaku if he scored Inter Milan at Calgiari on Sunday.
“It will hurt – the way it’s said and that says it, it can have an effect,” said Rehman.
“What I’d say is that Lukaku and Rashford have handled their situations quite well. They’ve said the perfect things. However, it’s bound to change them.”
Rehman has knowledge in the game.
A former player at Brentford along with a skilled coach, he functions as an education adviser for the PFA and sits at the flagship of the Premier League’Coach Apprenticeship Scheme’.
In addition, he is a trustee to the Zesh Rehman Foundation, which attempts to induce community cohesion, sports involvement and social development .
“Soccer reflects culture,” he explained. “Racism is now also in society.
“I am sure it has an effect.
“I have spoken to folks from Bradford who’ve taken their teams to tournaments where they’ve been abused. They’ve stopped doing so since they say nothing occurs. That may be the reason why more Asians specifically do not move into the game.
“But I don’t feel the whole of soccer is racist. There wouldn’t be no diversity whatsoever, When it had been. There is a minority that want more education.”
Is worried specifically involved in soccer.
Zesh Rehman is having had spells at eight different clubs, most especially QPR along with Bradford City.
At Leicester midfielder Hamza Choudhury and the England Under-17 global Yan Dhanda of Swansea, there are British Asians in a high degree of English soccer, although the numbers are small.
“At the present time, for Asians, it is about playing the game,” he said.
“They’re probably 10 to 20 decades away from where we would want it to become. As post-playing, you don’t see many black trainers or managers on seats at first-team matches, let alone British Asians for.
“In fact, my brother is the only British Asian to have his own Pro-Licence badge. He’ll most likely be the first person to manage in Championship or even the Premier League, if he would like to go down this path.
“That would be massive. When it happened, he’d have a larger impact as a mentor or manager than he did as a player.”
Raya Ahmed is breaking down soccer barriers in a manner that is different.
Produced in Tooting, the 23-year-old was still good enough to be seen by a psychologist from Wimbledon and started playing soccer when she was at school.
You need to become one if you don’t see any part models
By her own admission, she had been intimidated by the dearth of British gamers and stop after a day.
Undeterred, Ahmed gained a diploma. She did some coaching for its Zesh Rehman Foundation.
She has just been named as a participation officer at Crystal Palace.
“After I got to Wimbledon, what made me not wish to continue has been a lack of confidence. I was 16. You didn’t see many Asians playing football,” she explained.
“Now I am working together with females, engaging these. Get as many females as I can and I want to inspire them no matter what their heritage is, what place they come from or how old they are.
“I say to them I said to myself when I was 16. You need to fight with your own fears. No-one in my peer group, both at school or university, thought of soccer for a profession.
“You want to drive yourself. Get on the market. You will need to eventually become one if you do not see any part models. If you get out there, somebody will accompany you.”
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