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Garuda May2015 HR_Page_079_Image_0001Located on the premises of Hotel Santika in Pontianak, Bamboo Café serves a variety of international, Indonesian and Chinese dishes in the comfort of a cosy setting, ideal for relaxed family meals. With indoor and outdoor seating, Bamboo Café provides a tranquil backdrop. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, diners can indulge in a variety of menu selections, as Bamboo Café serves all meals buffet-style. The chef’s not-to-be-missed special is the signature pisang maning – a traditional crunchy banana fritter dessert with cheese on top. And if you’re in the mood for after-dinner drinks, restaurant visitors can stop by the Maroon Lounge Lobby Bar, which creates a celebratory atmosphere with live music and a tempting menu of cocktails.


poto paint4Visitors to Pontianak in search of a restaurant with lush, scenic views should look no further than Papyrus restaurant, located at the Gardenia Resort and Spa. Papyrus’s open-deck dining area overlooks the surrounding landscaped gardens and offers an all-day menu of local and international favourites, including selected dishes from Indonesian, Japanese and Chinese cuisines.The restaurant offers exciting specials including weekend deals such as Friday sushi, teppanyaki dinners and Saturday night barbecue parties.


poto paint5A must-try when visiting Pontianak and one of the best spots to sample an authentic char kway teow – a popular noodle dish in Southeast Asia – is Kwetiaw Apollo, an unassuming joint that is the go-to place for locals and visitors-in-the-know. Having been around for decades, the famous eatery specialises in simple, local dishes that, nevertheless, provide an unforgettable introduction to local flavour. The original stand is a bit of a mystery as there are several on the same street of Gajah Mada claiming to have been established since 1960. But the locals are in general agreement these days that a choice of any ‘Apollo’ Kwetiaw will satisfy.


Garuda May2015 HR_Page_081_Image_0002A street-food adventure awaits around virtually every turn in Pontianak, but for  those looking to share their culinary journey through the Kalimantan capital, Lempok durian makes for a unique and flavourful souvenir worth taking home to taste with friends and family. Made with real durian, this toffee-like, glutinous and aromatic confection is somehow not as challenging as the actual fruit.

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