Kebaya Creations


Originating in Indonesia, kebaya is the national costume of the country and is typically made from sheer materials adorned with brocade or floral embroidery. Kebaya is usually worn together with other traditional Indonesian fabrics such as a sarong, ikat, songket or batik. 


Indigenous to the Javanese, Sundanese and Balinese cultures, kebaya holds social, political and historical significance in Indonesia. Today there are many varieties of the blouse-dress; some traditional designs have remained unchanged for hundreds of years, forming an expression of highly localised culture, while others take a more modern form with vibrant contrasting colours and materials for the fashionable set. The designs from Lace Butik are long and flowing cuts in striking shades of red highlighted with accents of gold throughout for an air of effortless elegance. Djoko Sasongko’s creations are decidedly regal, recalling the aristocrats and royalty of colonial Indonesia. The fuchsia kebaya incorporates a high slit for a contemporary touch.



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