Jakarta & Ambon

If molecular gastronomy is an art of precision and exactitude, then culinary director Andrian Ishak of Namaaz is a master of the craft, bringing to fruition the daring concept of reinventing Indonesian cuisine on a molecular level.

Yet the food is no trickery: Ishak carefully devises playful adaptations of Indonesian dishes that can surprise the taste buds of even the most seasoned diners.

With capacity for only 29 diners each evening, Namaaz offers an intimate 17-course experience that upholds the restaurant’s main motto of ‘What you see is NOT what you get’. While the menu changes regularly, the standout items like pisang bakar – a dish of grilled banana cleverly and expertly disguised as a flaming candle with an edible nut-based wick – attest to the chef’s ability to give the art of molecular gastronomy
an unmistakably Indonesian touch.


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