Individuals relayed learning about their HIV status to the way they got contaminated.

Individuals relayed learning about their HIV status to the way they got contaminated.

Learning about an individual’s HIV status

A lot of the individuals (17) self-reported searching for an HIV test as a result of a sickness or indications thereof. For a couple, somebody or a kid’s disease (or death in several situations) made them seek an HIV test. One participant tested during maternity. A couple of individuals reported evaluating must be male that is( partner have been unfaithful and also this had resulted in suspicions. Nine individuals stated that that they had been contaminated through their previous male lovers.

Eight individuals stated that that they had been raped. Three of them desired an HIV test straight after the rape event. The three connected their HIV good status with the rape event:

“I became young and there clearly was very little we knew. I became 12 yrs old in 1994 and I also ended up being raped by my uncle. (we tested) I had to (test) because I was raped and. My moms and dads took me personally to medical center in addition to physician stated he’d do most of the tests. (whenever we discovered) I happened to be thinking I became dying. Then again I became a young child I think I was numb to everything…”Buli, 28 yrs old, Durban so I didn’t know

“If only I happened to be perhaps perhaps not raped, i’d never be HIV good… we experienced plenty of anger…” Mapule, 29 yrs old, Johannesburg

“How i acquired infected…I have actually three guys. Since I have have always been a lesbian and extremely butch, nearly all of my friends had been men. Once we will be consuming, they’d benefit from me… in my situation it absolutely was rape because that’s the way I got my children… ”. Glenda, 37 yrs old, Namibia|They would take advantage of me… For me it was rape because that’s how I got my children… ”. Glenda, 37 yrs old, Namibia when we would be drinking

Lesbians in South Africa specially have grown to be certain goals of rape, a kind of rape that is designed to `heterosexualise’ them (Mkhize et al. 2010). Although we may well not declare that the ladies in this research had been targeted simply because they had been lesbians, it really is alarming that even yet in such a tiny test, numerous females reported having been raped.

Experience with testing

Individuals claimed it was hard and generally speaking unpleasant to get an HIV test, as VCT counsellors are generally ill-informed or interested in learning same-sex preference that is sexual. As you participant reported, her counsellor shifted the main focus far from providing help about HIV to a pre-occupation about her intimate orientation:

“All I’m able to state is – it really is hard for the lesbian to buy HIV test. I’m sure this really, first when you’re for counselling this will depend who’s providing you with that counselling… You get here in addition they let you know about condoms and that you need to utilize them…you inform them “ I do not do men”. You will get an individual who is empty ( perhaps perhaps perhaps not informed) together with topic for counselling changes. `How do you are doing it? (have sexual intercourse with ladies)’ you merely get agitated while you are said to be coping with the headlines that you will be HIV good plus the discussion has changed as you are gay. ” Lesego, 29 yrs old, Pretoria

For the next participant, the wellness provider had been therefore insensitive after studying her intimate orientation which he tossed her HIV test results on the ground:

“I’d this constant hassle which…would not stop. When I went along to the doctor…Two days later on, We returned once more, and HIV tests had been run they told me I was HIV positive on me, that’s when. That physician was not therefore excellent beside me because among the things he asked me ended up being am we intimately active, and I also said `yes’. Then he asked if with a guy or a female. We said `both’ after which he tossed my results page on the ground and said that when i really could sleep both with gents and ladies i possibly could see the report regarding the page that i’m HIV good. He dropped it on to the floor. ” Mapule, 29 yrs old, Johannesburg

The anxieties related to HIV evaluating for lesbians declare that more work has to be achieved to sensitise medical researchers about individuals diverse preferences that are sexual orientations. This might get a way that is long make sure that customers are not up against the possibility dual stigma of disclosure of the intimate orientation. If it’s not a poor mindset, as you participant above explained, it will be the interested questions regarding same-sex intimate functions that the participant had to entertain.

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