Farallon, San Fransisco

flavours-0901 With its unique décor inspired by underwater life and innovative culinary assemblies that change on a daily basis, the 160-seat Farallon is a long-standing veteran and a stand-out culinary destination on San Francisco’s diverse food scene.

Nominated by the James Beard Foundation as one of the best restaurants in the nation, Farallon features seafood creations by the chef/owner Mark Franz and executive chef Ryan Simas, who take special pride in preparing dishes that highlight the Bay area’s coastal cuisine.

flavours-0902Simple starters such as the scallop carpaccio and the soft -shell crab create a perfect prelude to the more intricate stars of the show, like the grilled ono served on a bed of asparagus and tomatoes with chunks of lobster baked in a hearty sauce. www.farallonrestaurant.com.




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