Eating Out, New Delhi

flavours-086  Filled with warm expanses of wood and an eclectic collection of brass antiques, Singh Sahib is an intimate, chandelier-lit affair that celebrates authentic Punjabi cuisine on the premises of the Hilton-managed Hotel Eros. Here, ambience and food are given equal precedence – traditional music sets the mood as staff outfitted in Punjabi shirt-cut kurtas dole out portions of Sufiyana Paneer and shiny red tumblers brimming with matha, a creamy, gently spiced drink made with tempered buttermilk. Overlooking a lush garden, it’s the perfect setting for special occasions, whether they involve ten or two.

Diners finding themselves at The Spice Route should brace themselves for a real feast for both the eyes and palate. The restaurant’s namesake is artfully evoked in the form of nine dining areas thoughtfully sectioned according to feng shui principles, as well as sensuous murals created by traditional temple painters. The ornate interiors act as an ideal complement to the flavour-laden Southeast Asian dishes by head chef Veena Arora, whose gastronomic creations take one on a journey spanning from Kerala’s Malabar Coast all the way through to the colourful reaches of Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam.


Set in the lobby of the exquisite Taj Hotel, Varq is a fine-dining experience premised on the reinvention of traditional Indian cuisine. Named after the edible gold and silver foil trim that has long been a visual staple of traditional sweets, biryanis and curries, the restaurant’s signature offerings emerge as delectable reinterpretations of familiar local dishes – ganderi kebab comes with a shot glass filled with aam chur or dried mango powder, while the mustard prawns boast a bold edamame bean garnish

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