Eating Out, Jakarta

Located in the heart of Jakarta, Harum Manis takes its patrons on a culinary exploration of Indonesian food in a finedining setting. Chef Beni Iskabul showcases the popular ingredients found in Indonesian cuisine and reinterprets them with a contemporary flair that elevates the dishes beyond their street fare counterparts. The restaurant’s classics include the rendang bakar tali jiwo, a braised and chargrilled beef shank in coconut curry sauce, and the kambing guling pendopo agung, slowly roasted lamb with soya sauce, chillies and shallots.



Housed in a historic 20th-century mansion, restaurant Oasis lives up to the rich legacy of its location, doubling up as a fine-dining restaurant and a living museum housing many Indonesian artefacts and paintings. The feature dish on the menu is the 12-course rijsttafel – a rice, meat and vegetable feast that originates from an old
Indonesian tradition. Also not to be missed are the rack of lamb baked in Betawi-style marinade and tournedos rossini with foie gras and black truffle with Madeira jelly.


While the interior décor of Marco Padang Grill reveals nothing of the type of cuisine served up here, even a superficial glance at the menu quickly reveals its thick Indonesian roots. The restaurant’s chef, Marco Lim, who
was born and raised in West Sumatra, brings an authentic touch to local Padang staples like pete kacamata, a fried bitter beans dish in red chilli pesto, and rendang itam, a beef shank dish steamed in coconut milk and oil.


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