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Garuda May2015 HR_Page_074_Image_0001Garuda May2015 HR_Page_075_Image_0001This month we travel to the Island of the Gods for our fashion shoot, highlighting the works of a local Balinese designer, Oka Diputra.

A graduate of the University of Udayana, Diputra was initially a menswear designer, but over time he became drawn to the dynamic energy and constantly evolving nature of womenswear. To date his fantastical creations have been worn by world-famous celebrities including the likes of Demi Moore and even Kenzo – Diputra’s own favourite designer. His signature design technique involves creating and applying patterns directly on fabrics worn by mannequins. He is also known for his unique cuts and proportions as well as tied fastening mechanisms instead of boring buttons and zippers.

The collection shown here implements traditional hand-woven Palembang songket fabrics and ikat fabrics from Bali. Palembang songket fabrics are recognisable for their gold flourishes and lustrous colours with an almost metallic quality and geometric motifs. Ikat fabrics from Bali on the other hand have a deeper, more earthen colour palette, with patterns inspired by the flora and fauna of the idyllic island. See if you can tell the Balinese ikats from the Palembang songkets.


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