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21-04-2015 19-54-28

This month our fashion spread highlights handwoven tenun and songket fabrics made by local craftspeople trained by Cita Tenun Indonesia in partnership with Garuda Indonesia to help raise awareness of Indonesia’s cultural wealth.

Didi Budiardjo’s design makes use of Sambas-style tenun. Textiles from the Sambas region feature an intriguing mix of Chinese and Islamic influence. The resulting style of tenun incorporates natural elements and floral patterns together with strong geometric motifs.

Here Budiardjo combines contemporary form and sheen with the charm of the old world. Ari Seputra opted to work with a combination of songket and tenun from Lombok for a quaint and traditional look with deep, rich colours. Lombok is one the most famous centres of songket production in Indonesia, with its signature Rumah Lumbung (house on stilts) pattern. Priyo Oktaviano used tenun ikat endek fabrics from Bali in his designs. Traditionally, endek is worn by Balinese men and women during religious ceremonies. Oktaviano’s creations reinterpret the ceremonial fabrics as modern with a dynamic feel
and a chic aesthetic.



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