Adventure Time

1 Boreas Pack Bootlegger

This three-in-one dry pack shares a single frame, allowing you to interchange bags to suit your next adventure, whether you’re hiking, kayaking or playing in the snow. US$200

2 Adidas Outdoor Terrex Solo

The Terrex Solo shoe uses a material called stealth rubber for exceptional flex and grip, ideal for hikers who need that extra bit of traction for rock scrambles. US$130 

3 The North Face Mica FL 2

Incredibly light (1.13kg), with plenty of headroom, the Mica FL 2 from The North Face is a three-season tent that boasts excellent ventilation and a snappy set-up. US$379

4 Camelbak All Clear Microbiological UV

Water Purifier Fill it with water from that stream you just stumbled upon, snap on the UV cap and shake for 60 seconds for clean, drinkable water. USB recharge. 80 cycles per charge. US$89 

5 Julbo Wave Sunglasses

Julbo’s polarised polycarbonate lenses mitigate the bright glare that makes open water sports a serious strain on the eyes. From US$120 

6 Nemo Nocturne 15 Sleeping Bag
The Nocturne 15 sleeping bag was designed with generous elbow and knee space for you side-sleeping campers. Lightweight and waterproof. US$420 

Untitled LED Lenser F1 Flashlight

About the size of your thumb, the LED Lenser is a surprisingly bright and durable 400-lumen flashlight. The 9cm torch has a range of 100 metres and can spot reflective materials from even further away. US$70


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